install sickbeard on synology

sickbeard is an awesome application to manage/download your favorite tvshows, and it’s prety simple to install on synology step 1: add repository synocommunity in synology’s package center step 2: install applications git, python and “sickbeard custom” install sickbeard custom in synology’s package center, and checkout the best fork of sickbeard …

a better WeakMap polyfill.

inspired from Gozola


get parameters in shell

there is a common code that we can use to get all the parameters:

shift is a shell builtin that operates on …

how to install composer on synology

By default, phar extension is not enabled, installation will be failed:

enable phar extension:

now get composer.phar

if you …

Promise pattern for Jasmine

Jasmine is a great tool for Unit Testing, but its async test is painful. I’ve created a very simple promise pattern to …

some tricky javascript tests

I have collected some tricky tests of javascript that I encountered in job interviews, which are pretty interesting. They covered some essential …

couldn’t connect to server error in mongodb

If this problem occurred in Ubuntu, try to remove the lock and repair mongo user, then restart the service:

the problem should be resolved.