install sickbeard on synology

sickbeard is an awesome application to manage/download your favorite tvshows, and it’s prety simple to install on synology step 1: add repository synocommunity in synology’s package center step 2: install applications git, python and...


import a blocklist into iptables

sometimes, we need only to import a custom ip liste to iptables. here is the solution: create a text file contains all the ip to be blocked (one per line), ex: blocklist.txt create a...


Git integration with The Bug Genie

The Bug Genie is a very powerful bug tracker system in PHP, as good as redmine in ruby. So I decided to integration my git server into buggenie (v3.2.6). after created a project, go...


a better WeakMap polyfill.

inspired from Gozola



get parameters in shell

there is a common code that we can use to get all the parameters:

shift is a shell builtin that operates on the positional parameters. Each time you invoke shift, it “shifts” all the positional...


how to install composer on synology

By default, phar extension is not enabled, installation will be failed:

enable phar extension:

now get composer.phar

if you encounter this kind of error:

open DSM,  In the control-panel under Web-Services...


Promise pattern for Jasmine

Jasmine is a great tool for Unit Testing, but its async test is painful. I’ve created a very simple promise pattern to make this kind of test easier.

the usage is pretty simple,...


some tricky javascript tests

I have collected some tricky tests of javascript that I encountered in job interviews, which are pretty interesting. They covered some essential aspects in Javascript that we might don’t pay attention in practice but...