how to play video inline in iphone ios7

ios7 is awesome for normal users, but a nightmare for developers, with new features being introduced, tons of bugs are following as well. such as… you can’t play a video inline any more in iphone (not ipad nor webapp mode), I can understand the intension of apple, iphone’s screen is too small to watch video inline (in a browser), but sometimes, you need a inline player to implement the social elements (such as social sharing) around the player. fortunately, webview can re-activate inline player.

in html

in objective-c

if you are using phonegap, just add this to your config.xml



  1. So if I develop some web site, and want play video inline in Safari on iPhone i can’t do that without write some native application for iPhone?

  2. no, you just can’t play video inline in safari (not webview) on iPhone, but you can create a webapp (add page to homescreen with webapp meta tag)

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